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The possible relevance of Twitter for PR students

Twitter has become a hugely powerful social network tool for individuals using it for both personal and business purposes. Twitter’s most valuable attribute is its simplicity and the way in which people can follow different areas of interest through lists.

For a PR student Twitter is an extremely relevant platform for a number of reasons. The majority of companies which use Twitter use it for PR purposes and some of these are multi million pound businesses. This provides an excellent insight into the way companies of all sizes conduct their public relations.

Twitter also provides a great way for students to network and whether they want to go into public relations after graduating or not. Much like Linkedin, Twitter lets students follow the activities of important people in PR as well as the agencies and campaigns which are active on the site. Twitter is much less formal than Linkedin though and so it is easier to make connections with important people.

By following the activities of the above parties, an aspiring PR consultant can learn good practices whilst staying up to date with what is going on in the field of public relations. With the methods used for effective PR changing constantly Twitter can help a student learn new techniques from people working in PR already.

Almost all journalists are on Twitter and the connection between a PR consultant and journalists is extremely important. By following  journalists a PR student can learn how the two parties communicate with each other and at the same time once again make important contacts for the future.

As well as a student using Twitter to learn more about PR and the people already in it, they can use it to market themselves too. Relevant comments on other peoples tweets can help to establish a student and provide them with the evidence to demonstrate their skills to prospective employers.

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  1. April 28, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    This blog explores the main points of correct use of Twitter for students, practitioners and companies, well and in depth. It covers the reasons why these groups of people take such an interest in new social media sites and discusses the points of attack available to each group. I agree with the reasoning for why people use Twitter but would like to have seen some argument for the possible problems whilst using the site, as I personally believe that there could be one or two issues to crop up in future use.
    It cannot however be said that Twitter isn’t useful to students, companies and practitioners alike. It has created a gap in the market for people to socialise with companies and vice-versa, thus creating a fast moving environment for communication, something that Facebook does not do so well. It has been recognised as a key tool in creating relations between consumer and company and I can see it developing it’s power of communication even further in the next few years so that it keeps itself on top of the social media market. I myself have found that using it to keep track of possible clients and career opportunities has been extremely helpful towards knowing where I would like to go in my own social media use and eventual career path.
    Good post and I enjoyed the read very much, keep it coming!
    Peace and love,
    Captain Squirrel

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