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Media Student’s Media Use

In looking at our use of media I interviewed my fellow student Jamie on what media he watched/read etc each week. Before this Jamie interviewed me and not surprisingly we found we looked at similar things.

Jamie’s TV viewing time wasn’t particularly high with him watching almost the same programmes each week with only slight variations. This is probably due to a combination of things which a lot of current students will share.

Jamie’s TV viewing included Top Gear, football and cricket which at least one of the three would remain consistent across 18-30 year old males. He also watches Coronation Street whilst I watch Eastenders. This type of programme is more down to parenting than gender and most people of our generation were brought up on one of the two main soaps.

Our radio and newspaper consumption were almost identical with both of us listening to BBC Radio 1 and reading The Sun, The Guardian and our respective local newspapers. Again this is down to our generation being brought up on BBC Radio 1 and our variation of newspapers is more down to our media studies degree.

Like most people of our generation we both spend a considerable amount of time per day on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as well as getting most of our news from the BBC website.

Both me and Jamie could only remember a few TV adverts but unsurprisingly they were both male aimed adverts in Fosters and John Smiths.

It was really interesting to see how our media use was so similar and as we spoke about it, it became clear the reasons why it was so similar. We both mentioned how we were brought up on certain soaps and other programmes and how they stuck with us. We also both mentioned how our social media and newspaper use was much greater than it would be because we were both media students.

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