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Using Facebook as a business

Facebook has become the most visited social networking site on the internet bar none and is only second in the overall website rankings to Google. This makes Facebook a very appealing platform for PR to be used by businesses and organisations.

As a brand or organisation though, using Facebook can be really damaging if it isn’t used properly. What the groups need to do is keep the people who follow them interested in between their purchase, visit or whatever it might be. what too many businesses do is flood their fans with endless streams of information.

When the fans are constantly flooded with useless information they will either unlike the page or hide it from their news feed which means when the business does have something useful it won’t be seen by a lot of interested people.

When businesses and organisations use Facebook for PR purposes they should apply a quality and not quantity approach. This approach should be with both the content they publish but also with the followers they have.

Content should be limited to things which will directly interest or benefit the followers and not just semi related releases which have little relevance to the brand.

The number of followers for a page is often something which businesses become overly concerned with. Offering free items is not likely to increase sales or interest in the page or business, it is more likely to attract more followers who are just there to get something for nothing.

Businesses who start their social media campaign with a thought out plan which will benefit their fans and keep them interested in between purchases/visits etc are more likely to see beneficial results.

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